Northern Pass

What is Northern Pass you ask?

Northern Pass is a proposed project by Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) and it’s parent company Northeast Utilities (NU) to bring electric power from Hydro-Quebec to Massachusetts and Connecticut.

In order for this foreign energy to come into the United States, over 1000 towers will be built along 180 mile corridor from Pittsburg, New Hampshire to Deerfield, New Hampshire. The towers will be up to 140 feet tall.

New Hampshire residents will not be the consumers of this foreign energy. Residents of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and possibly New York will consume this power.

New Hampshire citizens have said “no” to Northern Pass quite loudly, clearly, and consistently. Hands Across New Hampshire is a visible representation of that “no” to show PSNH, NU, and Hydro-Quebec we do not want their dirty energy traversing our landscape, nor are we interested in providing more money to a small group of shareholders who will benefit the most from this project.



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