Hands Across New Hampshire is a peaceful, nonviolent, family friendly event in solidarity against Northern Pass and Trailbreaker. It’ll take place on Saturday, September 1, 2012 from 3-3:30p.

This event is occurring to protect forests, farms, villages, and ancestral lands in New Hampshire.

–To preserve the natural beauty crucial to tourism, New Hampshire’s number 1 industry
–To support the rights and needs of citizens over corporate profits
–To encourage local green energy initiates over foreign energy
–To promote public health, responsible citizenship, and democracy in action

Northern Pass is a 180 mile project proposed by PSNH to bring power to Massachusetts and Connecticut from Hydro-Quebec. The project will scar the New Hampshire landscape with over 1000 towers up to 140 feet from Pittsburg to Deerfield.

The proposed route:


Header image credit here, here, and here



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