[Green] supports the Northern Pass project, which proposes to bring hydro power in from Quebec, provided that land obtained for the route is obtained by PSNH reaching a purchasing agreement with the landowners, and not through an eminent domain process.

“I favor the project but not by taking the land. They have to go out and buy it,” he said, adding, “Anytime non-polluting energy is brought in, we should support it. I also support wind energy, though siting is an issue, and oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear.”

[Cataldo] is opposed to the Northern Pass project, and adds, “We don’t need wind power. Nuclear is really the way to go, and Unit 2 at Seabrook would have served our needs, but it got scrapped by (President) Jimmy Carter after Three Mile Island,” said Cataldo, referring to a partial nuclear meltdown accident in Pennsylvania in 1979.

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