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Hydro-Québec is no unanimity in the United States. The Crown corporation is the victim of a protest movement in connection with its proposed new interconnection between Quebec and New Hampshire.
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This conflict between Americans in Quebec is in full swing at the moment in the West, other Americans are obstructing the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project Canadian society Enbridge wants to build to connect Alberta.

Hundreds of panels have been installed along roads referred to denounce Hydro, which wants to export more electricity in the United States. The movement was started there over a year, but it has intensified during the summer.

Some posters say “Hydro-Québec stop bullying New Hampshire.” On other, much less praise, there is the inscription “Hydro-Québec take your towers and shove them up your ass is.”

Citizens of New Hampshire and various activist organizations opposed to the proposed Hydro and its U.S. partner, Northeast Utilities, on several occasions in recent years. It must be said that the two companies are working on the establishment of the interconnection Quebec-New Hampshire since December 2008.

“The construction of the power line will ruin the landscape of the Appalachians, the White Mountains and many farmland. Why should we sacrifice it for companies who want to make money, “said Jack Savage, spokesman for the Society for the Protection Agency of New Hampshire Forests (SPNH).

Hydro-Québec has launched the project in Quebec, New Hampshire to increase its exports of electricity in New England. To achieve this, the company wants to build a new line with a capacity of 1200 MW to connect the Des Cantons substation, located in Quebec, as Franklin, located in southern New Hampshire. Cost of the project? Approximately $ 1 billion.

“What irritates us in this project is that New Hampshire does not need electricity in Quebec. She will be consumed by the Connecticut and Massachusetts, “said Bob Baker, spokesman for Responsible Energy Action LLC.

Some organizations will stop at nothing to obstruct the project Hydro-Quebec and Northeast Utilities. The Society for the Protection Agency of New Hampshire Forests announced Monday the signing of an agreement on the acquisition of four forest plots located on the route of the future Quebec-New Hampshire line.

The objective is to make SPNH the territory of 1500 acres conservation area. The group hopes to raise U.S. $ 2.5 million by October to finance the purchase of land.

Hydro-Québec is aware of the opposition movement that raises its project in the state of New Hampshire, but the company refuses to give up his set in New England.

“Each project can have its share of opposition. For the moment, we are still in the pre-project phase as the final route has not yet been determined, “said Danielle Chabot, spokeswoman for the institution.

The construction of the Quebec-New Hampshire line, however, is two years late. Hydro planned commissioning in 2017 although originally it was planning its first deliveries of electricity in 2014.

During fiscal 2011, electricity exports to the United States have revenues of $ 1.4 billion for the corporation, or 11.5% of total electricity sales have reached 12 , $ 1 billion.