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Despite the opposition is organized in the United States, Hydro-Québec is staying the course with its major project to build a new transmission line between Quebec and New Hampshire.

“Our plans remain confirmed to, Danielle Chabot, Press Hydro-Québec. We are still at the stage of draft. We expect that our American partners we transmit the proposed route. ”

The proposed $ 1.2 billion in the United States known as the Northern Pass Transmission, involves the construction of a new power transmission line with a capacity of 1200 MW, between Quebec and southern New Hampshire.

In preparation since 2008, in collaboration with Northeast Utilities and Nstar, the United States, this line was originally intended to be completed in 2014. Today, Hydro-Québec plans over the commissioned before 2017.

One of the main obstacles to the advancement of the project is the route for Hydro to deliver electricity. Environmentalists fear that the construction of pylons and the construction of a power line on hundreds of miles of Appalachian stare at the landscape and several campaigns in its path.

After the ice storm, Hydro-Québec had experienced such opposition, especially around line project Hertel-Des Cantons, which aimed to secure electricity supply of the metropolis. After months of battles and court representation, the project was finally completed.

But far from giving up, the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests announced on August 19, have reached an agreement on the acquistion of four forest plots located on a portion of the planned route of the future line-Québec New Hampshire. The goal, according to Silver, is to transform this area of ​​1500 acres in a conservation area, which still hurt export project Hydro-Québec in New England.

Hydro sells power to New England for thirty years. This region already buys about half of total exports by Hydro-Québec.

As I write these lines, the communications manager of the Northern Pass Transmission project did not recall del’opposition to discuss the project and inform the new schedule for the filing of route expected by Hydro-Québec .

This Quebec-New Hampshire line would add another, opened in early 1990, joining Radisson, Quebec, the state of Massachusetts. Hydro has already delivered more than 100 billion kWh on this line.

In 2011, net exports by Hydro-Québec Production accounted for 11% of net sales volume and generated 15% of net profit of the company.