If you’re familiar with the name Enbridge, it’s probably because of the company’s stellar track record of spilling oil all over Michigan and then spilling a bit less oil all over Wisconsin. It’s like a vaudeville skit, something out of Laurel and Hardy — a clumsy buffoon slipping and sliding all over the stage, oil pouring from his pants pockets and from under his hat.

Enbridge is currently “managed” by a guy named Patrick Daniel, continuing the new trend of dudes only having first names. Patrick Daniel (whose name I just accidentally typed as “Denial” — seriously — and then thought about whether I should change it) went on the radio in Canada yesterday and said the following things, according to the Edmonton Journal. His goal was to get people to like this idea he has for a new pipeline to take tar-sands oil from Alberta to British Columbia. He was maybe not so successful.

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