MONTPELIER, Vt. — With the fight continuing over a proposed tar sands pipeline through the Midwest, environmental groups are raising an alarm that a Canadian energy firm may be turning its attention to a possible eastern pipeline route through Northern New England.

But both the Canadian firm identified in a new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Portland, Maine-based owner of the pipeline running from Portland to Montreal say no such plans are in the works.

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Will tar sands oil flow through Vermont?

New England environmental groups are sounding the alarm over a Canadian oil company’s plan to bring tar sands oil from Alberta to refineries in Eastern Canada. Environmentalists believe the proposal by Enbridge Oil is the first step in a long-range plan to move tar sands oil through Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom and New Hampshire to Portland, Maine, for export. The oil company says, “There is no active plan at this point.”

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False alarm on potential Vt tar sands pipeline?


Kids hold signs that read “More Tarzan less tar sands.” Signs showing oil-covered animals decorate the City Hall steps as environmental activists say an oil spill could take place if we don’t act quickly.

“Vermont is the greenest of states in more ways than one. If our values and our commitments are to mean anything then we must stand up against this travesty of corporate greed,” said Dan Jones of the Montpelier Energy Committee.

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Tar Sands Pipeline Heading to Central Canada and New England?

Threats to Ontario, Quebec, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine from tar sands pipeline proposals.

Washington, D.C. – infoZine – Controversial new pipeline plans threaten drinking water and many beloved natural areas in Central Canada and New England according to a new report. A broad coalition of 19 organizations is sounding the alarm about plans to bring tar sands oil through Ontario, Quebec, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. The advocates say the plan is unsafe and that a tar sands oil spill could harm the region’s waterways, wildlife and tourism economy.

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Tar sands oil transit meets objections

PORTLAND — Brooke Hidell, of Casco, has lived near the Crooked River for much of his life. He has fished and taught others to fish there. He understands the river’s role as a feeder into Sebago Lake, the main source of drinking water for residents of Greater Portland.

Hidell has counted the number of times the Portland-Montreal Pipe Line crosses the Crooked River — six. For him, that means at least six chances for an oil spill that would threaten the waterway.

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New Englanders Take a Stand Against Trailbreaker Pipeline and Dirty Tar Sands Oil

A dirty energy polluter wants to bring tar sands to New Englanders‘ backyards. Organizers in Vermont gathered at Montpelier City Hall to oppose the tar sands oil “Trailbreaker” pipeline that would contaminate drinking water and destroy vital wildlife habitats in their state.

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Going in Reverse: Trailbreaker Tar Sands Pipeline Proposal Threatens Central Canada and New England

On Monday a coalition of 19 organizations in the U.S. and Canada, including Sierra Club, released a report sounding the alarm on the oil industry’s plan to revive a tar sands pipeline proposal from 2008 called “Trailbreaker.” The Trailbreaker plan would reverse two major existing pipelines, the Enbridge Line 9 and the Portland-Montreal Pipeline, to transport highly toxic tar sands crude 750 miles from central Canada to America’s New England coast for export.

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