Even as we celebrate last week’s partial-victory over the Keystone XL pipeline, let us not forget our ultimate goal: to stop the production, transportation and consumption of tar sands oil. To this end, we must look beyond the Keystone XL pipeline for now, and instead focus our sights on the other tar sands pipelines currently being proposed in Canada and the U.S.

One of these pipelines is called the Trailbreaker, first proposed in 2008 by Enbridge, another multi-billion dollar Canadian energy corporation heavily invested in Albertan tar sands. The Trailbreaker would bring Albertan tar sands oil from Sarnia, Ontario east to Portland, Maine via two pipelines – Line 9 owned by Enbridge, and the Portland- Montreal Pipe Line owned by a company of the same name (PMPL for short). Both pipelines are currently in existence, however both would have to be reversed to allow tar sands to flow west to east. The PMPL cuts through the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, running through the towns of Jay, Troy, Newport, Irasburg, Barton, Sutton, Burke, Victory and Guildhall.

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