The New Hampshire Democratic Party is considering a No Northern Pass plank in its platform this year.

It simply reads: The New Hampshire Democratic Party opposes the Northern Pass Project as presently proposed.

If you oppose Northern Pass as I do, I urge you to email the Platform Committee right now and let them know as forcefully as possible that you support this plank.
Placing this statement in the NHDP platform would go a long way toward encouraging Democratic candidates to oppose NP. It puts the NHDP on record as opposed to NP. The platform committee is actively seeking comments from registered Democrats. If you send them an email, you should let the committee know why you think it is important to oppose Northern Pass, urge the committee to include the plank in the platform, give your name and where you live, and identify yourself as a registered Democrat. I would use a subject line like: “NHDP platform committee” to make sure it is directed to the proper recipient. Because of where they are in the process, you need to send an email today or tomorrow if you can.

Here is the email address: Office (at) NHDP (dot) org [written out to avoid spam]

Also, if you wish to speak with the committee in person, there is a public meeting in Gorham on this coming Saturday, May 5th at 11am in the Gorham Town Hall, 5 Park St., 2nd floor, Selectmen meeting room. I am planning to attend with Sue Ford.

Nancy Martland
Northern Grafton County Democrats