A message from our fellow Northern Pass, Plan Nord and HQ opposition friend in Quebec the Alliance Romaine regarding the progress of the Innu women in their march from the Romaine River to Montreal. These brave women are protesting the Plan Nord announced by Quebec’s prime minister; and they are also protesting the use of Innu First Nation lands to build out the infrastructure and transmission lines for the Romaine River development in which much of the Romaine River will disappear when four huge dams and reservoirs are constructed by Hydro Quebec. The Innu tried to blockade the Romaine River project, but the courts in Quebec issued an injunction against the blockade and several Innu were forcibly arrested last month.

The Innu women on this march are scheduled to arrive in Montreal on April 22 where a major demonstration is planned. This afternoon the women will be participating in a demonstration in Quebec City at the Provincial Parliament building. You may be interested in this youtube (it is in French) documenting the journey of some of the participants in this march.

Hat tip to No Northern Pass