Environmental Fair on April 23rd in Plymouth Shaping up to be a Fine Event

Many Northern Pass Opposition Friends have expressed an interest in attending and providing education at the Environmental Fair in Plymouth on Monday, April 23rd in Plymouth scheduled to run from 10 am to 1 pm. The Environmental Fair is a popular event and will bring many students and residents from around New Hampshire since Plymouth sits at the geographical center of the state.

So dust off your orange caps, t shirts and other garb and plan to be there on that date. Bring balloons, bumper stickers, signs and reading materials; look for each other and make this a grand kick off for the summer events planned this year opposing Northern Pass where you can educate, recruit new opposition members and generally spread the word. Of course, there’s always room for fun as well. For more information on the Fair contact Gary McCool at 603-535-2457 or gmccool@plymouth.edu